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A 7-member Governing Body of SVYM is elected annually from among the General Body of members. The Governing Body is guided by a team of advisors, who are eminent and distinguished people drawn from various walks of life. The Governing Body meets regularly to take important decisions related to governance.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), nominated for a 3-year term by the Governing Body, is the Chief Functionary and oversees the management of the organization.

The heads of the 4 sectors of SVYM report to the CEO. The CEO's office directly looks after public relations, networking, resource mobilization and legal affairs of the organization. The CEO is assisted in his work by the Human Resource Development (HRD), Finance, Internal Audit, Documentation and Monitoring & Evaluation cells. The CEO is also guided by a consultative and facilitative body called Development Support Team (DST), comprising of people in the senior management. The DST initiates, supports, guides and synergizes organizational efforts towards achieving the strategic goals and objectives.

The Governing Body for the year 2014-15 is as follows:

 Post  Name  Email Id
 President  Dr. M.R.Seetharam  emmaress@svym.org.in
 Vice President  Dr.Sudheer B.Bangalore   sudheer@svym.org.in
 Secretary  Mr.Praveen Kumar Sayyaparaju  praveen@svym.org.in 
 Joint Secretary  Dr. Anil C  anil@svym.org.in¬†
 Treasurer  Dr. Dennis Chauhan  dennis@svym.org.in
 Executive member  Dr. Vijayabhaskar Reddy  emailreddy@yahoo.com
 Executive member  Dr. Ashwin A.M  drashwin@svym.org.in

Chief Executive Officer Dr. (Flt Lt).M.A.Balasubramanya mab@svym.org.in | ceo@svym.org.in
The CEO will be a permanent invitee to the Governing Body meetings.

Dr. R Balasubramaniam, Founder, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement drrbalu@gmail.com | rbalu@svym.org.in |
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