Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

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" Evolving Development of Kanthana Haadi through community participation "

Kanthana Hadi is a tribal hamlet about 4 kms away from the nearest village panchayath of B.Matakere in the HeggadaDevana Kote ( H.D Kate) taluk of Mysuru District in the southern state of Karnataka. Though the residents of this hamlet are mainly often displaced tribals of Jenu Kuruba community who had to leave the forests in the year 1972 following the forest being declared Protected AREA. These people had not witnessed roads nor were they able to access clean drinking water till 2015. They were still dependent on the forest for their livelihood. Did not have houses to live. Basic amenities were inaccessible to these people because of lack of even mud roads. Pregnant Women, Children and the sick had to walk atleast 3 plus kms to meet SVYM’s Mobile Health Unit to access medical facilities. The inhuman conditions continued for a decade.

SVYM's intervention has helped them to resolve most of their issues. The continuous efforts and collaboration with the Zilla Panchayath and other government bodies SVYM was able to get government’s support and hence bring about positive changes in their lives.

SVYM was instrumental in helping 105 tribal population of Kanthana Haadi access clean drinking water through 2 bore wells. 25 homes were built and 2 roads were constructed of which one is concreted.

SVYM's intervention has changed the community perception of Kanthana Haadi people and these days all the issues have been resolved by the community driven participation. SVYM believes that empowering the community by building their human and social capital to solve their issues will lead to sustainable development.