Kumari P

Kumari P, a 12yr old school going tribal girlpresented to VMH with severe headache andbreathlessness. She was admitted to VMH,Saragur where she was found to have severe Hypertension and retention of fluid in herbody. She was started on medications tocontrol her BP & remove excess fluid fromher body, but the kidney would not listen.Her kidney had completely shut off and nourine was produced during her 12hrs ofadmission, in spite of medications.The Doctors perplexed – why this sudden non-cooperation by the kidneys in an otherwise healthy child?Specific and pointed questioning revealedthat she had taken painkiller medication for an elbow injury she had sustained recently. Though the painsubsided, the drug had also exhibited its ugly side, and had caused significant damage to renal function.It was imperative that she had to undergo dialysis if she had to survive. Hence it was decided to transferher to a higher center at Mysore for dialysis and further management. Her mother was told about need for referral and arrangements were made to transfer her in anambulance. But mother, a single parent due to unfortunatefamily circumstances and the only caretaker,had no clue where to go & what to do. They neither werefinancially capable of handling high costs of ICU care &dialysis in a tertiary center, nor were emotionally or mentallystrong enough to go through all the stress. The utter senseof helplessness came across in their decision: “Send us home. We can’t go anywhere else. If girl has to die, let herdie at home”. But the team VMH didn’t wanted to see a cutegirl go home untreated, when treatment was actuallypossible & life saving. They decided to challenge thefate – they counseled the family about chances of completerecovery if she undergoes dialysis and convinced them forreferral. At this time the SEEP department and palliative careteam at Mysorejoined their hands. They transferred herto a tertiary care center at Mysore where she underwentdialysis. Her treatment cost was entirely supported by thedonations given by a Medical Elective Student and fundsraised by palliative care team. With the timely and appropriatetreatment, her kidneys started functioning again and the girlwas pulled out of deathbed. The palliative care team spentday & night, guiding and supporting the family in that tertiaryhospital. The cheerful girl, now completely healthy, goes toschool with a great ambition of becoming doctor in futureto free her community of all the pain & illnesses….