Kyatha, 45 yrs old Jenukuruba tribal male from Metikuppehaadi.He visited Vivekananda Memorial Hospital, Kenchanahalli,with complaints of fever, cough, and tiredness.After thorough medical and histological examination he wasidentified as Sputum Positive TB and admitted to the hospitalfor DOTS treatment. Other treatments like oral medicationsalong with the specific drug, nutritional diet and Yogasessions were also part of his medical service. Since he hadno care takers for himself, doctors and nurses took care of,his health status drastically improved and after ‘Sevenmonths’ treatment the result for sputum examination wasnegative. Eventually he was discharged with oralmedications, and advised strict abstinence from smokingand alcoholism and to have nutritional diet for good health.Now he is under constant vigilance of our field staffsand Doctors.