Mahadevamma studied in the Viveka Tribal Center for learning at Hosahalli from 1st to 9th std. She belongs to KaduKuruba community.She was very good in articulation, excellent in monoacting, drama, dance,good in co-scholastic works. She could not complete her 10th std as she was academically a low achiever.As she was good at sports she opted for forest guard competitive examination,got selected in physical & fitness tests. When she got selected in that she thought of completing the academics. She had to pass through written test also. She studied hard and finally when the results were announced she was on the list. Mahadevamma believed in her interest, ability and reached the goal that she had. She often visits the school and thanked the school for what she is now.She is now a role model in Brahmagirihaadi where most of her classmates are either drop outs or discontinued or married. She is an inspiring lesson for the younger generation to achieve as a girl.