Mahadevaswami is an eight year old boy resident of Naganapura Village of Nanjangud taluk. He is from a lower middle class family. He has lost his father to Cancer when he was 4 years old and his mother is the only earning memberof the family. When he was 11 month old, he had an epileptic attack and wasin coma for three days. He was taken to one of the hospitals in Mysore wherethe doctors diagnosed him with Cerebral palsy and treated for his condition.

Regular treatment with physiotherapy was advised to him but they couldn’t continue it as it was difficult for them to travel long distance their financial condition was also not good. Later local contacts who worked in Vivekananda Memorialhospital referred them to its Rehab center. The boy was enrolled under Chaithanya Vahini program which works for Physically challenged individuals.When he came to hospital he was in a verybad condition due to poor strength in hisupper and lower limbs he was unable to evenhold things and he had difficulty in speaking also. Since eight months he is availing treatment in our rehab. He has attended two of the residential camps along with hismother. There has been gradual improvementin his posture and gait. He can sit withsupport and walk with the help of walker.The grasp has also improved and he eatson his own. He is able to speak few two-letterwords. He is able to recognize the picturesand responds to oral commands through hand movements and points to direction of answer. He has been enrolled for social entitlements such as Disability Identity card issued by the govt. and pension. He gets pension of Rs.1200 per month. A Wheel chair has been provided through the linkages withother institutions. The family is happy to see the improvements in him and are ready to support him in any ways necessary. His mother has put in a lot of efforts to seesuch an improvement in his condition.