Manjula belongs to JenuKuruba community who are considered as the mostprimitive & economically and socially backward tribe in the H.D.Kotetaluk.She was the first batch student of Viveka Tribal School, who completedher 10th grade successfully in the year 2000. She was an average performerin academics but was excellent in performing arts (drawing, painting). After her schooling she opted for diploma in drawing (5year course)at Kalaniketan in Mysore. Though she had lot of challenges when she movedfrom a remote forest area to an urban area, she did not lose hope andconfidently overcame every difficulty. She passed out of the Arts schoolcolorfully with a certificate eligible to be an art teacher in a high school.She is volunteering her free time to the project by providing guidance andsupport to her community for their development, especially on girls education.