Shantha started drinking initially for fun, later developed an obsessionfor drinking to an extent that he would never start a day without drinking.He neglected his wife and children and stopped going to work, stoppedearning. He started taking loan from people, only to drink and then whenthey stopped lending he started selling things from home and made hisfamily’s life miserable wasting 30yrs of his precious life. Later his wife senthim to de-addiction camp organized by SVYM. This was a turning point inhis life, though initially it was difficult to adjust in the camp but over thedays, by listening to the experiences of different people like how they haveovercome the habit of drinking inspired him to take a firm decision as notto drink and he was successfully able to quit this habit.Later he took part in one of Electrician training organized by SVYM.Then with the help of the skills acquired through the training he started taking up basic electrician work initially and now that has helped himtowards a sustainable livelihood.Because of this transformation broughtby the de-addiction camp, today he is self reliant earning his own breadand being a responsible son, a husband, a father and a good citizen too.Now he visits our other de-addiction camp as a resource person andshares his experiences inspiring other participants too. He says ”I am proud to be an example to many of my counterpartsat the camp. This camp has showed me the way to recovery, to becomewhat I am today. I pray to god that each day as it passes should keepme the same and I continue towards wisdom and positive change.”