Small Acts by Small Children – But Big Impacts and Big Lessons

Transforming Schools and children to Transform the community
Nairmalya Vahini, Raichur.
Dhanushree and Yugendra swami, students in Government higher primary schools of the remote Pucchaladinni village in Raichur Taluk, had hardly ventured out of their village earlier. But that was no handicap for them when their big moment came; they were the cynosures in the session on School WASH in the India WASH summit organized in Delhi by Wateraid India, Govt of India etc....
The Nirmalya Vahini’s intervention in Raichur since 2014 has brought significant improvements in the Water-Sanitation- Hygiene status in local govt schools, and the schools have now emerged as centres imparting key life skills and behavior change, going beyond the mere literacy and numeracy.
And, as a logical progression, the efforts of Nirmalya Vahini team has inspired many students, teachers & the community leaders to take a step forward towards promotion of sustained Hygiene, healthy environment for the entire community.
An opportunity to highlight the successful interventions addressing the challenges plaguing WASH in the rural backlands of Northern Karnataka presented itself when SVYM was invited to participate in the India WASH summit 2015 in Delhi. SVYM decided to provide an opportunity for the local community to be directly seen and heard in this big platform, which was readily accepted and encouraged by Wateraid, the main organizing agency. It was decided to include two student leaders, one representative each from the Education Dept and the community, and one staff member leading the project implementation in the delegation that was to be led by Dr. Seetharam M R. After a due process of selection, two children from Pucchaladinni Govt. Higher primary, Mr. Hiralal, a Cluster Resource Person overseeing 16 no. of schools in Yaragera cluster of Raichur taluk and Mr. Badraiah Swami, a member of the SDMC of Pucchaladinni school were selected to participate in the event.