What we do       Socio-Economic Empowerment Program
  SVYM's Socio-Economic Empowerment Program supports the development of self-reliant, informed, and engaged individuals and groups in rural and tribal communities. It was established in the 1980s when SVYM expanded beyond just providing health care and added a focus on addressing the root causes of the community's problems. With a special emphasis on youth and women's empowerment, the SEEP department seeks to enhance local awareness for social, political, and economic issues and catalyze community progress on the path of development.

Through programs in tribal development, public transparency, and community radio, SEEP expands social and economic opportunities for rural and tribal communities, works with communities to eradicate corruption in local government, and spreads information and awareness on local issues to promote real and lasting change.

The Tribal Development Program works to promote the well being of tribal communities through three..
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The Community Movement Against Corruption empowers community members with knowledge about their right to information. Read more..
The Socio-Economic Empowerment Program launched "Jana Dhwani, or "Voice of the People"..
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