Training and Research

Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development (V-LEAD), a unit of SVYM was established in 2002 with the aim of serving India by building the potentials of individuals and institutions for the development sectors. The educational program is an attempt to work with individual Education Leadership and Management capacities in the field of social development. 
• The master in development management is a two year program offered by the V-LEAD in collaboration with University of Mysore.  
• Institution Based Program: IBP is an effort of VLEAD that aiming at building, strengthening and sustaining network of partners in development of various sectors through innovative and customized training programs and successful development models in training. It caters trainings for Government, Youth, NGOs and Corporate sector under the supervision of skilled training managers.  
• Community Based Programs: The objective is to develop and monitor developmental activities which will enable sustainable interventions and make a positive impact in the community.
• Samartha Project: The goal of the project is to develop and monitor a community led process, where community will plan, implement and monitor development activities which will enable sustainable intervention and make a positive impact in the community. Program is specially designed to empower street vendors and to create less dependency on money lenders. The program aims to ignite a spark among the street vendors to be responsible citizen and to lead a dignified life.  
• Education Leadership Management (ELM): SVYM with collaboration with Ajim Premji Foundation started this initiative to develop school leaders in 3 education blocks of Mysore District. A sustained people development approach adopted and program address the attitudes, perspectives, skills and knowledge of the school leaders.  
• Lake Conservation Campaign: Recognising the importance of lakes, VLEAD has formed a group ‘MYTRI’ which comprises of numerous members from varied sectors of the society.
Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies (VIIS) was established in 2008 for promoting and facilitating the study, research, development and dissemination of Indian culture, spirituality, dance, music, art and philosophy. University students across the globe participate in various customized courses to have a slice of the rich Indian tradition. VIIS is also a single window for the volunteers, Medical student Electives and interns interested in working on various projects of SVYM. VIIS offers a unique course called ‘India Immersion’ focuses on culture and civilization, gender in society, sustainable development, environment and health in modern India, Indian women and tradition.