Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

Become a Volunteer

If you have the time and the will….we have the need…..Come..!! Volunteer with us
Your expertise and your time may build the leaders of tomorrow!

Volunteering Service is all about contributing one’s time or knowledge to serve the community to bring a positive social change.

Your expertise and your time will help make world a better place. You could also gain experience in the new avenues of development sector. SVYM welcomes individuals who peruse an urge to get involved in the service of others. The organization heartily welcomes volunteers from different parts of the country & outside. Here they work as a team by combining skills and experiences to create positive change in the community. You can work in the sector of Health, Education, Socio Economic Empowerment & Training.

We welcome help from: 

  • Medical specialists
  • Medical Students
  • Trained medical personnel – like nurses and paramedics
  • Individuals with expertise in Finance
  • IT professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Expertise in Marketing
  • Teachers, especially of Mathematics, Science & English
  • People with experience in management
  • People with experience in behavioral and clinical research

Express your interest by filling this form and emailing it to sindhu@svym.org.in. We shall revert to you at the earliest.

Note: Individuals above 18 years of age with above skills can volunteer.

Food and Accommodation facilities can be arranged on your request.