Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering  Service is all about contributing one’s time or knowledgeto help  others for various worthwhile purposes. Volunteering is a two way process of gaining firsthand knowledge, experience and lending a helping hand to society too.

SVYM welcomes  individuals who peruse an urge to get involved in  the service  of underprivileged from the community.  The organization heartily welcomes volunteers from different parts of country. Here they workas a team by combining skills and experiences to create positive change for the upliftment of community.

Here you can find innovative ways to combat issues like illiteracy, malnutrition, poor health and living conditions and develop ways to confront challenges like promoting natural resource conservation to micro-business or from health campaigning to livelihood development.
Contribute your talent and time for social up-gradation and you will have a life-changing experience of revelation, spiritual and mental gratification.

We welcome help from: 

  • Medical specialists
  • Trained medical personnel – like nurses and paramedics
  • Development professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Teachers, especially of Mathematics, Science & English
  • People with experience in management
  • People with experience in behavioral and clinical research
  • Medical Students
  • People with a finance background

Express your interest by filling this form and emailing it to sindhu@svym.org.in. We shall revert to you at the earliest.

We provide you facilities like food, accommodation and travelling.

People of all age groups, with any skill set who want to contribute to a lasting change, are invited.