Who we are        What we stand for

Our Emblem:
The emblem of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement symbolizes the organization in letter and spirit, reflecting its basic tenet of ‘Serving God in Man', as propounded by Swami Vivekananda. Beginning with rendering ‘physical service' (food and health) to the poor and needy as depicted by the ripened grains and Staff of Hermes respectively, we move on to the higher echelons of rendering ‘intellectual service' (education), depicted by the open book. This ambrosial offering to mankind is epitomized by the ‘Amrutha Kalasha', aiming to bring sunshine (hope) in their lives. By dedicating ourselves to this noble cause, we intend for a spiritual development in our lives, represented by the thousand petal lotus.

Our core values:
These are the driving force behind our work

  Satya - Truthfulness
  Ahimsa - Non violence (both in thought and deeds)
  Seva - Service
  Tyaga - Sacrifice

Our Vision:
A caring and equitable society, free of deprivation and strife

Our Mission:
To facilitate and develop processes that improve the quality of life of people

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