Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

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07 March 2017

  6 students led by Prof. Eric Popkin, Associate Professor Department of Sociology, Colorado College participated in a Global sustainable development program titled “Development and Social Change in Global South”. The program included classroom sessions, and structured experiential learning through a 9 week internship assignments. The students were introduced to the Culture, Political, Economic, Health care and Education system in India. The classroom sessions were complemented by visiting some cultural and historic places in and around Mysore.
        The internship assignments in which the students participated were credit impact assessment in Self Help Groups. A report on how far family disturbances/socio-economic conditions influence education/ academic achievement of the student, A report on safety of women employees in SVYM, Mysore Center, A report on probable solutions for the Solid waste management, and A report on public and private health care system in India. The students presented their experience to their mentors, their colleagues and the staff of SVYM Mysore