Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

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07 March 2017

VIIS hosted the Global Service Learning program for the participants of Cornell University for the sixth year consecutively. The program combined academic sessions, immersion activities and service learning projects. The students followed four major courses Culture and Civilization, Gender, Health Care and Economics in India. The Field visits to Coffee plantation, Cultural sites and Public health facilities helped the students connect with their classroom sessions. The group was led by Donna Ramil, Associate Director of ILR International Programs and Student Services and Ms. Tara Sarkar as student teaching assistant. The students took up projects like case study on ‘Employer’s Practices for employing persons with disability, Support to education of specially abled children, An overview of administration, Funding and organization of palliative care program at SVYM Mysore and GRAAM. At Vivekananda Memorial Hospital, Sargur, The student took up projects on Health and Rehabilitation, Hospital education materials and Health Data Analysis. The students at VMH Kenchanahalli developed the patient education material on Knee pain management and cerebral palsy and the students at Tribal school documented the Daily routine of the school life, Collection of the success stories of the students of the tribal school, Documenting the local games relevant to design learning experience for children, and ‘Compilation of statistical information of tribal Villages.