Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

SVYM’s approach to HIV/AIDs Care & Control programs are multi-focal, involving counseling, distribution of antiretroviral drugs, training of caregivers, prevention and advocacy in the community. The HIV program was initiated in the year 1999.


Community Care Centre

Vivekananda Memorial Hospital (VMH), Saragur is one of the very few private hospitals in India offering holistic treatment for HIV which includes counselling and testing services. The hospital is also running a 10 bedded Community Care Center.


Viveka Health Project, Hassan

The Viveka Health Project is a low-cost care centre which is implemented to Control HIV/AIDS and providing Care and Support to People with HIV/AIDS. The project trains medicos, interns, medical staffs, and paramedical students on aspects of how to treat and support HIV/AIDS infected people without any discrimination and to divert their minds and get them engaged productively in various activities.

335 Private hospitals partnered under PPP model

10 bedded Community Care Center in VMH, Saragur

HIV care and control program operates in 30 districts of Karnataka

285 People Living with HIV are provided inpatient care in VMH, Saragur

979 private health care centers partnered under the PPTCT-PPP program

10,623 migrants received the services under the TI- Migrant Program

Targeted Intervention (TI)-MIGRANT

Aim: To reduce HIV prevalence among migrant population in Mysore district. 

The activities undertaken ensures long term impact through behaviour changes and management of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI’s) and appropriate referrals & linkages.


Aim: To eliminate Paediatric HIV in the country.

Prevention of Parent To Child Transmission-(PPTCT) program is implemented in all the 30 districts of Karnataka under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model in Private health care facilities in collaboration with KSAPS. 

The program was initiated in the year 2002-03 as Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission ( PMTCT) which was supported by various funding partners. Currently the program operates under the title Svetana – Prevention of Parent Child Transmission of HIV with Public Private Partnership.

The programme  focuses on strengthening government’s capacity by engaging/working with private health care providers by-

  • * Improving technical capacities of private facilities in providing complete cascade of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission ( PMTCT) services.

  • * Leveraging resources and facilitating shared responsibility in reaching HIV positive women with essential timely services.