Mentoring Meritorious Rural Students

Position: Student Mentor
Position Summary: Mentoring of meritorious students from economically humble backgrounds in PUC, related to career choices, academics and entrance exams
Location: Online or at SVYM's Pre-University College in Saragur
Type: Volunteer

Volunteering Role Description 

Through its Viveka Scholar Program, SVYM engages over 400 meritorious students coming from economically humble backgrounds. About 200 of them are continuing higher education in various science streams at SVYM’s own PU College – Viveka Pre-Univesity College in Saragur, and in other PU colleges in different districts of Karnataka.

Being at a crucial juncture of their academic life, these students benefit immensely from guidance and mentoring related to entrance exams, what colleges and universities are best for the streams they want to take as well as the diverse career choices in front of them. You can fill up for the lack of exposure and guidance – as the parents of many of these students are farmers, running small business in their villages – and know very little about careers in STEM.

As a volunteer, you are expected to interact and mentor these students. You can choose to do it online through virtual meetings or face to face at the PU college in Saragur (60 kilometers from Mysuru).

English and Kannada are the preferred mediums of communication.

For further details and queries pls write to us at [email protected] and [email protected]  or fill the form below and we will get back. 







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