Let us come together to use this platform as an instrument of social change and in building a resurgent India.
Together investing in building a caring and equitable society.

Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement is now registered with the Social stock Exchange. We are among the first five organisations to join this novel initiative in India.

SVYM has always advocated investing in building the human and social capital for greater equity and economic growth for individuals, communities and our Nation.

Social Stock Exchange provides an extraordinary opportunity to bring new thinking and new paradigm into economic growth and has the potential to answer questions like how can we make economic development compassionate, how can we make capitalism more humane and how do we ensure the last person’s needs are met.

We invite you to subscribe to our Zero Coupon Zero Principal Bond on Social Stock Exchange and invest in our development initiatives.

Make Education Equitable.

Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning ZCZP Bond on Social Stock Exchange.

We’re going public on Social Stock Exchange with our first development bond for our residential tribal school Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning. The issue opens on 6th March and closes on 11th March 2024.

Human Capital growth equals National growth and we invite you to invest in building the Human Capital of young students from underpriviledged communities studying at VTCL through holistic education.

Project Snapshot
The project with an issue size of INR 1,55,00,000 undertakes holistic education of 75 students studying at Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning for a duration of 5 years (2024-2029).

Proposed Impact of the Project 


  • The Project aims at decreasing the gap of Enrollment, bring in Gender Parity and increase Learning outcomes between the tribal community and the State and National Averages
  • Students shall complete Secondary education (2 years) and Senior Secondary education (2 years) or Equivalent education 
  • Student able to make informed career choices and pursue professions contributing directly and indirectly to the community development 
  • Parents and the community at large actively participate in school activity and contribute positively to students’ learning outcomes 

Steps to subscribe to ZCZP on SSE

Demat Account Preparation
Ensure you have a Demat account with either NSDL or CDSL. This is necessary for the allocation and holding of the ZCZP instruments. Include details of a valid and active DP ID and Client ID in your application.
Investment Details
The minimum investment amount is Rs. 10,000, equal to the face value of 10,000 ZCZP instruments. 
Application Process
  • Fill out the application form carefully. You can find the form on the NSE’s website or obtain it through authorized brokers.
  • Ensure to read the terms and instructions provided in the Final Fund Raising Document before filling out the form.
  • Include your personal details, investment details, and specify your investor category.
  • Payment Methods:
    • If paying by cheque or demand draft, attach it with the application form.
Signature Requirement
The form must be signed by the sole or first applicant. If the depository account is held in joint names, include the name and PAN of the person whose name appears first in the depository account. Only this person’s signature is required on the application form.

For electronic transfers, make the payment electronically and mention the UTR number and the transfer date on the form for tracking purposes.

Submission with Payment
  • If paying by cheque/demand draft, submit the completed application form along with the payment to the Registrar’s Office before the closing date.
  • For electronic payments, ensure the transfer is completed, and the application reaches before the issue closing date.
Issue Dates and Timelines
The issue opens on 6th March 2024 and closes on 11th March 2024. Ensure your application, along with the payment, is submitted before the closing date to avoid any last-minute issues.
Acknowledgement Slip
Keep the acknowledgement slip, which includes payment details and applicant information, for your records. This serves as proof of your application submission and payment.
Watch a short video of Viveka Tribal Centre For Learning