Development is the constant expansion of human capabilities

Building the inner resilience of people and communities

Individuals, institutions & countries alike are realising the unsustainable nature of the current economic growth practices and are exploring other viable and sustainable models of development that focus on building human capabilities.

SVYM has been actively advocating the paradigm of building the human and social capital of people with the conviction that this will result in economic consequences keeping in mind a balance that is needed to protect the people and the planet, ensure reasonable and equitable benefits to all stakeholders and create an environment of peace and harmony.

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Equitable Palliative Care

Yearly ~50,000  rural & indigenous tribal patients access rational, ethical & cost effective care at SVYM’s Vivekananda Memorial Hospital

Admissions at VTCL – Trends, Observations & Lessons Learnt

SVYM Annual Report 2021-22

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SVYM appoints the next President & CEO

SVYM appoints the next President & CEO

Dr. Sudheer B Bangalore takes over as the President and Smt Savitha Sulugodu becomes the CEO, starting their tenure from 1st of April 2023. A significant day for all of us at SVYM! Both Dr ...
SVYM Anveshane – Discovering rural talent & promoting Stem Education

SVYM Anveshane – Discovering rural talent & promoting Stem Education

120+ Students from 15 Districts of Karnataka participate in a 2 day residential camp at SVYM' V-LEAD in Mysuru.      
SVYM’s President shares his views on tribal development with the President

SVYM’s President shares his views on tribal development with the President

SVYM's Founder & President Dr R Balasubramaniam met with Smt Draupadi Murmu, the Hon President of India and shared his views on the development of Janjatis. He also persented her four of his ...

Development that is contextually relevant
& culturally appropriate

Nearly four decades of working closely with the communities has shaped our belief that  sustainable & community centered development is possible through a constant expansion of human capabilities.

To develop the Human & Social Capital of tribal, rural and urban communities, SVYM takes a multidisciplinary approach through its interventions in Health, Education, Socio-economic Empowerment Program & Training and Research 

We believe such a development process will lead to positive socio-economic consequences that are contextually relevant, culturally appropriate.



Socio-Economic Empowerment

Environment & Sustainability

Key Impact


Access better healthcare services through institutional & community based programs


Forest based tribes, PLHIVs, PwDs, rural & urban women & youth & elderly population served through 45+ programs


Govt. institutions, schools, anganawadi, hospital, PRIs engaged for health, hygiene, sanitation, education & capacity building


Rural & tribal youth & women equipped with better livelihood capabilities


Students engaged for improving scientific temper, academic
performance & career choices


Indigenous tribal population reached for Reproductive & Child Health recording 98% institutional deliveries

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Stories of resilience and hope, of standing tall with dignity, that don’t make breaking news, but in a gentle way shake the world.

Swaraanubhuthi 2023

Swaraanubhuthi 2023

SVYM Swaraanubhuthi 2023 witnessed a housefull at Kala Mandira, Mysuru with a footfall of over 1000 individuals
For improved mother-newborn health

For improved mother-newborn health

Sunitha, a tribal mother-to-be accesses regular antenatal care at her doorstep living in a remote village in ...
Maize and better days!

Maize and better days!

Raghu’s land glows golden with ripe maize kernels peeping through the cob.
Engineers of a better tomorrow

Engineers of a better tomorrow

SVYM's School Education Program is building the potential of students in rural Govt. schools. #humancapital ...
Swacchta Saarthi Veerbhadra Swami

Swacchta Saarthi Veerbhadra Swami

Cleaning his town to claim his true identity, Veerbhadra's journey from selling lottery tickets to spearheading ...
World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day

SVYM's Viveka Rural Livelihood Centre is working towards women and youth empowerment through vocational skills

Upcoming Events

Guru Manthan 2023

Guru Manthan 2023

An annual teachers’ competition to highlight the best practices among us and learn from each other. Guru ...

August 31, 2023

SVYM Swaraanubhuthi

SVYM Swaraanubhuthi

SVYM Swaraanubhuthi is an annual musical charity event to support SVYM's Palliative Care Program

July 9, 2023

SVYM Anveshana

SVYM Anveshana

A 2 Day Event for Undergraduate Medical Students -  Quiz & Rural Healthcare Exposure

May 5, 2023

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the more our hearts will be purified.

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Meet the first generation STEM students

VTCL Girls are breaking the stereotypes associated with tribal girls taking up technical streams by becoming the very first generation in their families to continue education in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).