Join us on 9th July, Mysuru

SVYM Swaraanubhuthi – A Musical Movement for Care Beyond Cure 

“A musical concert in support of families affected by chronic and life limiting diseases and disorders like Cancer, Stroke, HIV, Cerebral Palsy etc.”

There may be an end to cure, but there’s no end to care. Through music that transcends words and turns individual empathy into community driven action, SVYM’s annual musical charitable event ‘Swaraanubhuthi’ brings us all together towards extending care beyond cure and supporting families battling serious illnesses. 

Singers performing at Swaraanubhuthi

Divya Raghavan

An accomplished singer with a voice that equally conduits devotional purity and emotional intensity, her three decades of musical journey has touched many hearts and souls, Divya Raghavan lends her voice to Swaraanubhuthi for the second time

Shree Harsha

Multi-talented Singer and an electrifying performer from Mysuru renown for his magical performances be it live, television or radio

Ajay Warrier

Versed in Carnatic Classical, Ajay has won the heart of music lovers across cultural and geographical boundaries with his melodic and soulful voice. Ajay has sung songs in 17 different languages uniting music lovers with his voice

Lakshmi Vijay

A versatile playback singer with vocal command in Carnatic, Hindustani and Western music, Lakshmi Vijay is a known voice in both young and old audience and a popular television icon

You can be part of community led palliative care too

Buy Swaraanubhuthi Tickets

The entire ticket amount goes into supporting individuals with serious illnesess through SVYM’s Palliative Care Program

Be An Event Sponsor

Corporates, Brands & Institutions can partner and join the cause as sponsors and engage the audience through their brand placement

Be a Donor

Philanthropists, foundations & individuals can extend their support to SVYM’s Palliative Care Program through donations that are eligible for tax exemption for Indian and US passport holders 



Be a Volunteer

Medical Professionals, Yoga teachers, Counsellors, Retired Professionals, Writers, Photographers, Students and virtually anyone can contribute by volunteering to SVYM’s Palliative Care Program

Ticket Categories

To buy tickets, donate or partner for sponsorship for SVYM Swaraanubhuthi, contact SVYM Swaraanubhuthi Team at – Ph – 8861694057, 9060697755, 9591407955.

SVYM’s Palliative Care Program


Individuals served through free of cost palliative care through institutional and home based palliative care by SVYM so far.

  6 Centres

Started in 2009, the Palliative Care Program has expanded to 6 centres in Mysuru, Saragur, Hassan, Bengaluru and Dharwad in collaboration with like minded institutions.

Holistic Care

Through institutional and home based palliative care, serving families with medical, psychological, social, financial and spiritual support

INR 16,500

Yearly cost incurred by Palliative Care Program towards serving an individual with palliative care

Support individuals with life limiting conditions

Support families battling chronic illnesses through SVYM’s Palliative Care Program serving with free of cost holistic care through institution and home based care.  

Join us in serving families battling serious life limiting illnesses like cancer, stroke, cerebral palsy and comorbid conditions in the elderly by supporting our Palliative Care Program.

SVYM’s Palliative care is a holistic approach focusing on reducing the suffering and relief from pain. The goal of Palliative Care is to improve the quality of life for patients and families. The need of palliative care is essential in management of chronic diseases as they are incurable and result in physical, psychological, socio-economic strain to individuals and their families. Pain is one of the most prevalent symptoms at the end of life: No human being wants to go through suffering and pain at the end of life. Palliative Care is about providing care, support and treatment to ensure dignified death of the patient.

SVYM”s Palliative Care Program has served over 8400 families with free of cost palliative care. The program is reaching communities in Mysuru, Saragur, Bengaluru, Dharwad and Hassan with home based and institutional palliative care.