SVYM among the first 5 NPOs on Social Stock Exchange

(in the pic – Smt Savitha Sulugodu, SVYM’s CEO along with Dr R Balasubramaniam, Founder SVYM and Chairman SSE Advisory Committee, Smt Madhabi Puri Buch, Chairman, SEBI and several distinguished dignitaries.)

The bell rings loud….

The tolling of the bell at #NSE today to celebrate the first five listings on the Social Stock Exchange has a melodious ring that reaches far. For us, it resonates with the clarion call Swami Vivekananda made to every citizen to focus their collective energies towards Nation Building. In this case, participate as pioneers on a new platform – the Social Stock Exchange.

There’s a lot that makes this moment special for us. Like the fact that we achieved 100% of our funding target within 3 days of the issue opening date, made possible by 43 investors (we like to call them partners) who subscribed to our ZPZC to support equitable education of 75 students at our tribal school – Viveka Tribal Center for Learning. Almost all of them went out of their way to learn the nitty gritties, the new process and the fine font instructions. A big thank you to all.

We feel inspired that our conviction in building the #humancapital of our younger generation by investing in them is not ours alone. It is share by many.

We thank NSE, BSE, SEBI and our partners Galactico(Book Running Lead Manager), Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd (RTA), HDFC Bank (Banker), MSSV & Co (Statutory Auditor) and CS Shruti Setty (Company Secretary) for their support.

Thank you to Zerodha A.T.E. Chandra Foundation NSE India BSEIndia SEBI

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