Palliative Care Program

Started in 2011

 Mysuru, Saragur, Hassan, Dharwad & Bengaluru

Building Human &
Social Capital

Family Centric

Complementing Institution & Community based interventions

Creating a collaborative platform for patient centric community-based integrated model that adopts a life-span approach to management of chronically ill.

Continued Care for the chronically ill

SVYM’s palliative care program provides free, holistic, and home-based care & institution based care services for the people who are suffering from life limiting disorders and diseases.

Geographical Coverage
Palliative care program serves the population of urban, semi-urban and rural areas of HD Kote,
Saragur, Mysuru and Hassan and Bengaluru.

At SVYM’s rural hospital, Vivekananad Memorial Hospital, in Saragur, the palliative care services are integrated into the overall package and not delivered in isolation. The entire care delivery incorporates principles of palliative care, emphasising early detection and management of symptoms, quality of life and rehabilitation for chronic and incurable illnesses. The services are supported by a certified Palliative Care Physician and specially trained Palliative Care nurses, counsellor and health workers attached to SVYM’s Palliative Care Program.

In Mysuru, Hassan and Dharwad, SVYM has entered into a partnership model with eminent institutions like MMCRI, HIMS and DIMANS respectively, to provide accessible palliative care with a goal to reach the unreached individuals from socio-economically humble background. 

SVYM’s palliative care services have constantly evolved over time to respect the cultural context, the emerging needs and the medical evidence.

SVYM’s Palliative Care Centre in Mysuru remodelled itself to continue serving through outpatient and home care services. Inpatient services were closed for one and a half months, but continued uninterrupted afterwards.

1400+ Individuals with life limiting conditions were served with institutional and home based palliative care in 2021-22. We could reach more people despite lockdown & restrictions.

SVYM’s Palliative Care Program


Individuals served through free of cost palliative care through institutional and home based palliative care by SVYM so far.

  6 Centres

Started in 2009, the Palliative Care Program has expanded to 6 centres in Mysuru, Saragur, Hassan, Bengaluru and Dharwad in collaboration with like minded institutions.

Holistic Care

Through institutional and home based palliative care, serving families with medical, psychological, social, financial and spiritual support

INR 16,500

Yearly cost incurred by Palliative Care Program towards serving an individual with palliative care

Key activities in 2021-22

450 Patients were provided Inpatient care at the Palliative Care Centre both in Mysuru & Hassan

Counselling support is constantly accessed by 2025 patients & their families

554 Families were given Care Givers training to handle Palliative Care patients

158 Patients were provided Mobility Aids & Appliances

Awareness sessions on the need and importance of Palliative Care was provided for 6200 individuals including healthcare professionals, College students & general public

A home care visit in Dharwad

Palliative Care in Dharwad & Bengaluru

SVYM anchored Palliative Care in Dharwad and Bengaluru. Currently it is providing home based care for the individuals in need of Palliative Care. We are also expanding our services in Mysuru &  Hassan as more and more deserving families in need of support and care are being identified.


Training SVYM teams to setup Oxygen Concentrators

SVYM teams were trained to install oxygen concentrators and monitor patient’s health using oximeter & thermometer. To ensure preparedness, Basic Life Support training given to 19 team members in Mysuru by JeevaRaksha Trust, SVYM’s joint initiative with RGUHS for emergency care training


Support individuals with life limiting conditions

Support families battling chronic illnesses through SVYM’s Palliative Care Program serving with free of cost holistic care through institution and home based care.  

Join us in serving families battling serious life limiting illnesses like cancer, stroke, cerebral palsy and comorbid conditions in the elderly by supporting our Palliative Care Program.

SVYM’s Palliative care is a holistic approach focusing on reducing the suffering and relief from pain. The goal of Palliative Care is to improve the quality of life for patients and families. The need of palliative care is essential in management of chronic diseases as they are incurable and result in physical, psychological, socio-economic strain to individuals and their families. Pain is one of the most prevalent symptoms at the end of life: No human being wants to go through suffering and pain at the end of life. Palliative Care is about providing care, support and treatment to ensure dignified death of the patient.

SVYM”s Palliative Care Program has served over 8400 families with free of cost palliative care. The program is reaching communities in Mysuru, Saragur, Bengaluru, Dharwad and Hassan with home based and institutional palliative care.