Providing quality and holistic health care with the integration of Allopathy and Ayurveda to the tribal and rural areas is the key focus of SVYM's Health Initiatives. SVYM provides the gamut  of health care through Preventive, Curative, Rehabilitative, Networking & academic initiatives through its key specialties 

Key Focus- Tribal and Rural Health, Ayurveda, reproductive and child health, hygiene and sanitation, care and control of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Disability. 



Vivekananda Memorial Hospital, Saragur

Inception: 1998  Location: Saragur, Heggadadevana Kote taluk, Mysore District

Population of 400000 which includes tribals of H D Kote and neighboring areas of Hunsur, Nanjangud & Gundulpet taluk
Vivekananda Memorial Hospital is a rural multispecialty hospital providing integrated and comprehensive health services with unique inclusive approach of Allopathy and Ayurveda, giving its patients an opportunity to choose the best treatment for their recovery.
Vivekananda Memorial Hospital opened its doors 15 years ago with a purpose of adopting a systematic approach in tackling the challenge of providing quality secondary healthcare services to local needy rural and tribal communities.
With its infrastructure, facilities and its dedicated team of doctors, the 100-bed facility is offering multi-specialty secondary care at affordable cost to the community.
  • To provide institution-based full time, integrated, primary level health care (promotive,preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative) and periodic secondary level care (OBG,Orthopedics, Internal Medical,Paediatric, Ayurvedic) to the community, with focus on indigenous Tribal Population.
  • To support National Health Programs and network with government agencies and link community with welfare programs.
• 24 x 7 Emergency healthcare services are available for primary and secondary level.
• Specialist services related to Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Paediatric, Diagnostics and Laboratory, Ayurveda.
• 24 hours dispensary and ambulance services.
• Networking and linkages with the community for referral and patient follow up.
• Poor Patient Fund (Yoga Kshema Samithi) for Socio- economic support of the patient to avail appropriate secondary and tertiary health care services.
• Support to National Health Programs (NRHM, RNTCP, RCH,HIV, NPCB) and supporting tribal women to avail schemes like Janani Suraksha Yojane, Prasoothi arike, Madilu kit.
• Blood Storage & Transfusion Services (Recognized by NACO).
• An integrated Counselling and Testing Centre recognized by NACO.
• Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, Special Care Unit for sick patients.
• Paramedical Training facilities.
• Research Support
• Part time services - General Surgery, ENT, Psychiatry, Paediatric Surgery, Eye Care, Cardiology and Ultra sound by Sinologist.

The hospital is a 15 bedded in–patient facility, with a 24x7 Emergency care. The well-equipped Ayurvedic treatment centre, provides natural healing throughYoga, Panchakarma and a variety of rejuvenation therapies. It aims to provide sustainable,professionally managed, comprehensive and holistic health care in an interior,underserved area with limited connectivity.

Outreach services-ArogyaVahini

The Mobile Health Units (MHU) runs on all six days of the week covering70 tribal colonies such that each tribal colony gets at least one visit in the week. The team consists of a Medical Officer, a staff Nurse, a HealthFacilitator, a driver and a pharmacist.The main objective of the program is to serve as a primary point of contact for the community for their basic health and foster a sustainable behavioral change for a healthy living. 

Reproductive & Child Health- VatsalyaVahini

VatsalyaVahini focuses on improving the maternal and child health status of forest-based tribes. The main objective is to improve the Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent health.

Community-based Rehabilitation of disabled-ChaithanyaVahini

To Develop a Sustainable Rehabilitation program for the Identification,Management and Prevention of Disability in H.D.Kotetaluk.The core rehab team that was formed continued to focus on identifying disabled children and adults in the region and providing them medical care along with facilitation of schemes available from the government.

Water Sanitation-NirmalyaVahini

NairmalyaVahini addresses the issues of Water-Sanitation-Hygiene-Environment in a holistic manner, through multiple activities including awareness generation, behavior change communication, capacity building, research and development of appropriate technologies, and advocacy.

Palliative Care

The Palliative Care programme was launched in year 2011 and it takes aholistic approach to healthcare focusing on alleviating the suffering of patients with terminal illnesses, and was. This programme caters to five dimensions of human personality viz. physical, psychological, social, economic, and spiritual Health.

HIV/ AIDS Care Control Program

Programs initiated:

PPTCT-PPP – (Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV under public Private Partnership)

This programme was conceptualized to attain zero new HIV infections among children born to HIV Positive mothers through PPP-PPTCT services across 21 districts in Karnataka.

TI-Migrant- The Goal of this program is to reduce HIV prevalence among migrants through this programme.

Academic Activities

Fellowship in HIV Medicine course is a unique course of ONE YEAR, FULL-TIME duration, which equips medical professionals to adopt and practice ‘Inclusive and Integrated’ model of HIV care services while understanding the concepts and practice of palliative care in management of chronic illness.

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